Priority Employment and Training Pty Ltd was established in Whyalla, South Australia in July 2013.

Heidi MacDonald is the Principal Director of PEAT and prides herself on delivering a service that can assist you and your clients to reach personal and business potentials. Heidi is an enthusiastic person that strives to ensure all clients feel important. Yes, she may be a little hot blooded sometimes, but that shines through in compassion, empathy and understanding.

Every client is an important client that deserves the very best. Heidi never makes judgements before setting pace and having a good old listen before she steps forward to assist your clients to make a difference to themselves, their family and their community. Heidi has developed an LLN program specialised to assist people of all ages to move forward in their learning and employment journey.

Heidi has recently completed a Graduate Diploma in LLN Practice and a Diploma of Government