Priority Employment and Training can develop individualised Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) testing.

You may be seeking to increase LLN Learning for several reasons:

  • You are an employer that would like your employees to gradually build on their existing LLN skills so they become of even greater value to you in your workplace. (Sometimes the most amazing worker can be self-confident about their LLN skills)
  • For Group Testing scenarios, you can organise PEAT to attend your workplace to be the moderator while your staff undertake particular testing written just for you.
  • You may want you or your clients to sit for an upcoming aptitude testing scenario.
  • You may want to increase your workplace LLN knowledge.
  • You may feel you are personally lacking in a couple of areas within LLN. You can organise for testing to be emailed straight to you so you can practice within the privacy of your own home.
  • You may just feel that increasing your LLN skills will assist you to feel more confident about progressing with a career or study of your choice.
  • Priority Employment and Training have so far designed and developed a range of LLN Testing that can commence at a Year 2/3 Learning level right through to Heavy Industry Work Potential Appraisals. As the levels grow for your client, so does their self-confidence.