I’m Busy!

I’m Busy!

It is unbelievable how many times I think to myself or say to others I’m Busy!

When my Husband asks me how has your day been? I now try and say productive. It seemed as though by saying I was busy was placing a block between me and my Husband creating further conversation. It was sort of saying… I can’t really keep talking today as I have talked enough.

Well in fact; I had talked enough. Talked enough about appointments that had to be made, about appointments that I had to attend, talked about the existing work that sits on my desk waiting to be completed (it always does by the way), talked about other people’s ideas, talked about how I can make concepts work for other people, talked about what needed to be done in order to get ahead of the next work day, about what people needed in order to make their day easier, their day easier.

No; this is me not being unhappy at work; actually quite the opposite. I really do enjoy going to work. I like being…. You know…. That word…. Busy!!

We always try and put best foot forward by the way; just in case that one time you are trying to take a personal moment; that someone superior to you may catch you and wonder why you are not at your desk finishing off those tasks. (You know the tasks that just keep coming in as you are good at what you do)

Well this is not about work; this is about me being very busy!

In January in a moment of reflection; I knew it was time to concentrate on me for a while. Me being me is a Wife, Mum, Sister and Daughter. Somehow; there never seemed to be time for me anymore as it was all about work and other people in my life and then I realised something…. This is me. I am busy at work and I am busy at home. I like that I am busy for my family. Well… most of the time.

How busy should I really be though? Shouldn’t I be able to stop and have a nice dinner without my mind drifting off to what I should have done, what I could have done, where I should have been and where I am not! I am trying very hard to be more ‘placed’.

‘Placed’ is an interesting word. What exactly does this mean? Maybe we are all in the place we are meant to be until a new ‘place’ arises.

I arise in the mornings about the 5:30 – 6:00am. Waking up is not a bright and bubbly start as it was in my 20’s and even 30’s. Waking for me is waking to find my coffee cup; my favourite cup that I ask no one to touch. I find the coffee cup and then wait for the kettle to reach the 90 degrees that I crave for at this time of the morning. It is then time to grab Molly (Family Pet) and go outside so I can wonder what is ahead of me today. You see; I have already thought about my place in the world by 6:15am. I try and become at one with the birds and the trees as to still my mind, but I will always wonder back to what is ahead instead of actually being present for my ‘place’ right now.

My lesson through this blog is to actually be ok with the fact that we are all busy; and really where would we be if we weren’t busy. So why don’t we enjoy our busy times and busy lives and then relinquish our silence to those moments when we actually need them.

They say that silence is golden; but without your busy moments; you wouldn’t have found the gold in a conversation you had; you wouldn’t have found gold in the person that you have just helped to reach a goal and you certainly wouldn’t haven’t felt like gold if we hadn’t completed our day and given every effort we could have to be the best version of ourselves. Remember; being the best version of yourself comes from you and your efforts; not the people that surround you.

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