Life !!

Life !!

I wake and put my feet on the floor and start a new day, routine has become important to me now that I am retired from work. Most days I start by passing wind, cautiously of course, just in case it’s not wind I am passing. I will have a bit of a scratch around just to make sure everything is where it should be and no lumps and bumps have arrived overnight. I look over at my partner, still in a not very silent slumber, and realise how grateful I am for the beautiful friendship that has endured for so many years.

Throughout our youth and adult life we often joked about growing old together and how we would manage the daily aspects when that event arrived, however, we never really thought that it would.

So, we built ourselves a very busy life full of travel, sport, family, business, friends, family and community engagement because we wanted to contribute wherever we could. It was a successful life in my opinion with all its ups and downs, successes and failures. It was and still is a grand life we lead but it has been further enriched by the many things that occur without planning and sometimes those events come and go without you realising just how important and significant it was.

I miss working for a living but would find it difficult to manage a career because I am just so busy being retired. I honestly do not know how I found the time to work.

So I will get up now and put the kettle on, it’s one of those new kettles that does everything but make the bloody coffee. While the kettle is heating up I have my first of many visits to the bathroom, while it’s free. Wash up, make some breakfast, have a cuppa or two and stare at the walls until some thought comes into my head about what I could do during the day.

I look back at life. I have been working since I was fifteen years of age and have done many things during my career and working life. I worked hard and long at all things from retailing to managing large public enterprises and just about anything in the middle.

My partner and I worked side by side for a majority of my working life and formed several companies together. Surprisingly we rarely argued about work because we both knew who the boss really is.

Age brings with it aches and pains but I have earned mine and so has my partner.

We have decided to embrace where we are in our lives, we have been so lucky to be married to our best friends and we still live in each-others shadow. We now have the time to sit and look at each other and actually have conversations where one listens to the other. We are discovering new things about each other on a regular basis, especially about our early upbringing and living in different countries until our late teens.

We are learning from each other every day. We now acknowledge that at our age you still have interests and aspirations that need to be fulfilled and we help each other wherever we can to achieve those goals. We are still involved in the community at various levels and give to charity wherever possible. We have not let our business skills and knowledge slip away into those corners of the mind where we can no longer recall them.

We now have the time to really listen to what our grown children’s aspirations are and wish every success to them but we are careful not judge or offer advice. BUT WE DO ANYWAY!

All these thoughts run through my head and I now have a clearer picture of what I will spend my day achieving, and achieve I will.

First, I will wake him up and get him off to the shops.

I love my life and will live it to the fullest for as long as can!

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