What is this program all about:

Reset Your Personal Compass is a program that is language, literacy and numeracy based, but includes many aspects of personal development when people are looking to press the reset button in their lives.

  • This program is facilitator lead with the support of PowerPoint Presentations for each day.
  • It involves moving learners across various sessions with a continually changing theme.
  • There are games, brainteasers and assessments that result in further conversation
  • This program has been mapped to eleven accredited units of competency.
  • All sessions are relevant to the outcomes as the learners grow with the program.
  • Learners will NOT die of Death by PowerPoint.
  • The program is high energy and constantly moving.

Who is this program for:

  • People that left school early, have limited education, but do want to press the reset button in order to start what they deserve in life.
  • Parents looking to return to the workforce but are low in confidence and self-esteem and would like to reset their education.
  • People that are looking to undertake Apprenticeships or Traineeships but need assistance to pass an aptitude test.

What do you receive when you purchase this program:

  • Guided Facilitation Session Plan.
  • Timeline of events – what to achieve prior to the program commencing – hopefully I have taken out the thought for you and all you have to do is facilitate it the right way to gain the desired results for your company and the participating clients/students.
  • PowerPoint Presentations.
  • All activities and required resources.
  • Mapping document for eleven Unit of Competency from the Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways qualification if you wish to partner with an RTO that can issue Statement of Attainments.

When you purchase this program, you do so in its entirety – no additional purchases are required such as textbooks and other resources. This will save you money and the aspect of having to wait for everything to come together.

What is left for you to do? You will need to review each day or even several days in advance once you know your learners, so you are prepared for the changes ahead. You will need to also have PC’s available for three items within the program – first LLN assessment, second LLN assessment and for some aspects of the research projects.

Week 1 – It’s All About The Conversation

This week starts the program off on the right foot and teaches the participants how to learn to learn again. Acceptable behaviours are setting the tone for this to be a positive program which allows the participants to access the best version of themselves. During this first week, we commence how to learn again in an adult learning environment, start the research projects which the participants will be delivering in Week 10, start reading the set novel and undertake daily English and Maths snapshot lessons.

Week 2 – Reset

This week concentrates on the daily challenges we face as individuals, motivation, looking forward to what our lives can look like and who can determine this for us. We take a walk through the path of conflict situations and resolutions including eliminating workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination. We continue with research projects, novel reading, and English and Maths snapshot lessons.

Week 3 – A Slight Adjustment

This week pertains to values and ethics, assertiveness vs anger, dressing for respect, personal hygiene and understanding what triggers affect the participants daily behaviours. Throughout the week, various aspects of job search skills that are required to find and secure employment are discovered. As well as looking at the person-centred focus requirements, this week has a heavy concentration on Mathematics. We continue with research projects, novel reading, and English and Maths snapshot lessons.

Week 4 – A Different Combination

This week takes us into the next part of the journey in participants learning and we concentrate on writing. They will learn the value of their own opinion, but now it is done in writing and having to think about both sides of any situation. We will also work our way through the relationship bank balance showing them that deposits and withdrawals are both equally as important. Life is never just about the taking and feeling entitled to do so. We continue with research projects, novel reading, and English and Maths snapshot lessons.

Week 5 – Script

This week we continue with writing. This subject is being delivered over two weeks as this will benefit them not only in a study environment, but in their work and personal lives. There are activities involved that will keep them engaged and allowing them to have their opinion on different worldwide subjects. We continue with research projects, novel reading, and English and Maths snapshot lessons.

Week 6 – Allocated

This is another concentrated math week which the participants will really look forward to completing – I would definitely keep this one a secret. A day will surprise them this week as this is Mock Interview week – by week 6, they should be ready to feel the pressure of panel interviews. We are also getting ready for our last week by finishing our novel and completing some comprehension activities around this nine week activity.

Week 7 – Binary

Everyone’s favourite subject of time management and goal setting will be the focus this week where we will look at the importance of keeping appointments with JobActive Providers, Centrelink, Doctor’s, and Specialists. Several goal setting examples are shown, and goals will be set by the participants that have short, medium, and long term outcomes. We also work our way through using digital technology for routine workplace tasks. We continue with research projects, novel reading, and English and Maths snapshot lessons.

Week 8 – Service Centre

As new employees, we all feel that first few weeks in our new workplace is the hardest, but this week will help participants address some issues that may arise. We will learn how to deal with people and situations and sometimes both at once while using strategies to respond to routine workplace problems. We continue with research projects, novel reading, and English and Maths snapshot lessons.

Week 9 – Your Future, Your Work, Your Time

Career planning is the flavour this week and we are about to take everything we have learn and place it into career plans, training plans, front cover letters and resumes. It is important that we concentrate on career planning and the future this week, so the skills are fresh as we complete our journey. It is time for this process to come to an end and as the excitement fills your room, it is time for the participants to deliver their research projects, undertake their final LLN assessment to show their personal learning growth and develop the promise letter to themselves. Any assessments that are yet to be completed in full will be finalised this week. Finish on the right foot this week with a good shared meal!!