The Pure Truth About Today….

The Pure Truth About Today….

Retrenchment until today seemed like that word that is thrown about so regularly in our town. I always feel for people who are made redundant….. Oh hang on!! Redundant; what exactly does that mean?

Is that when a company realises that you are no longer required, or is it your skills that are no longer required, or is it your personality that is no longer required, or the hours that you have put in are no longer required? What exactly is being made redundant? According to the dictionary; redundant means ‘not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous. This leads me back to the questions though that I posed in the beginning.

Up until today; I genuinely felt for people who had lost their jobs and I always found within myself wanting to help them as much as I could to change this situation… a fresh resume, a newly written front cover letter, options for employment opportunities and options for training opportunities.

Well today; I don’t feel so helpful; today I am angry as this word entered my home. Today; the phone call comes through that you don’t expect and I am expected to deal with this in a calm manner without asking questions, expected not to know the full details as to why this word entered our home.

Well today; I now sit writing this as it may help me for once to deal with this word and maybe help me answer some questions that no one else seems to know the answer to: how do we pay the mortgage, how do we pay for our consolidated loan, how do I pay for our insurances, food, electricity, council rates and so on and so on.

As I write this my anger has dulled and worry and anxiety has sets in nicely; just enough though to not feel like talking. Yes; I would like to sit and deal with my husband’s redundancy all on my own. There is only one issue with that; it’s not just about me, it’s also about him. Have I yelled at him today? Yes. Has he yelled at me today? Yes. Why are we yelling at each other when someone else made this decision for our household? I have no answer. Did it make me feel any better? Not really. Did yelling make our day worse? Not really. Didn’t make a slight bit of difference as the word is still there sitting silently between the two of us.

I now no longer feel as though I can write those resumes or front cover letters to help people who have been made redundant like I am some kind of superwoman who may be able to make some kind of difference to someone; but what I do know now is that I can genuinely understand the situation which in turn may mean I can help more than I have ever helped before. Maybe asking that person not to be angry at me for losing their employment opportunity was the wrong thing to say; or maybe now I can sit back and ask that person to stop being angry at me as now I understand their anger.

Maybe this is why we had to go through this today. Maybe this is why my family had to face this. Maybe this word that starts with an R will make me understand my role now within companies when I am asked to work with redundant workers.

Up until today; that was work and that is what I was paid to do. Will this work with companies and individuals continue; yes it will. Will I now be a different person stepping into those future conversations? Yes; I will.

Now; the conversations with this redundant person will include how are you and your family coping with this situation?

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