• Is a themed development program designed to meet the needs of a wide stratum of people
  • Participants are encouraged to navigate through their storm of obstacles to create opportunities
  • Methods to eliminate unnecessary baggage that is holding them back are identified and practiced
  • Each participant will identify the treasures they bring on the journey and learn their real value
  • Participants will rate past activities against their new expectations that appear on the horizon
  • A transition log including “pass through” markers is developed to assist job seeker progress
  • Post program mentoring will ensure participants eyes do not fall below the horizon
  • This is a new program developed over the last twenty four months based around verifiable participant feedback and employer expectations
  • The program is suited to participants low in confidence or those wishing to expand their already demonstrated self-promotional skills
  • The participants will NOT suffer “death by power point” during this program as they participate in over sixty different challenges
  • Participants will experience being valued from the commencement of the program
  • Safe passage through the program will be managed by an experienced knowledgeable facilitator
  • Participants will be entertained with purpose designed enlightened stories, activities and challenges
  • To ensure safe passage, participants will complete training in basic first aid and CPR (accredited), anti-bullying and discrimination behaviour and decision making processes when manual handling
  • Duration of the program is 12 days but some of the days may be substituted with different topics depending on the participant cohort
  • Participants will rediscover the process of “learning to learn” and understand the need for learning in order to enter the work force
  • Each day of RESET has a different goal which is linked to and contributes to the progressive objective
  • The “progressive objective” is to measurably motivate job candidates into taking increased responsibility for future employment and/or study and accept accountability to meet their mutual obligations to themselves, their families and the community
Day 1

Day one includes setting attendance and behaviour norms, completing all associated forms, introductions, ice breakers, breaking down group barriers and identifying potential group inhibiters, commencing communication unit, completion of the PEAT Work Potential Appraisal (WPA) which is assessed and discussed on day two, daily gratitude.

Day 2

Day two includes a review of the WPA, personal image and projection, free debate facilitated, brain teasers, continuation of communication, conflict management strategies, team building, self-expression, daily gratitude.

Day 3

Day three includes a review of day two, exercises including “when a cross word is not a cross word”, starting the journey, setting your first points of reference, communication continued, facilitator led debate, daily debrief, daily gratitude

Day 4

Day four is a break from the norm and all participants will complete basic first aid training including CPR facilitated by an approved training provider. This section is accredited training. (Can be substituted)

Day 5

Day five reverts back to the progressive development of the participants as we learn about preventing workplace bullying, harassment and anti-discrimination and also manual handling decision making includes debates, case studies, presentations, discussions on workplace versus private life. Both of these units are assessed and feedback is provided individually, daily gratitude.

Day 6

Day six includes mystery icebreakers, puzzles centred around skill and knowledge development, thought provoking case studies, building relationships with case managers and meeting mutual obligations, debate topics include “inventing an idyllic life”, “one life to live”, “I already do this”, exploring job search skills and self-employment, daily gratitude

Day 7

Day seven is where we tackle the concern that many employers have about job seekers applying for employment, “the failure to positively market themselves”. Following a light hearted adult approach, participants will learn skills in self-promotion and progressively develop their confidence and by the end of this session will find they are perfectly comfortable with who they are, how they promote themselves, personal image and will have the capability of making a brief well planned presentation to the group following a program we have called “Stand And Deliver”. Practice, Practice, Practice. Daily gratitude.

Day 8

Day eight will see participants make their “Stand And Deliver” self-promotion presentation to the group plus invited observers. They will use at least two presentation aids and follow a set criteria of actions they must fulfill during the presentation. This will be followed by a debriefing and feedback session. The afternoon session will see the group completing a more advanced version of the PEAT Work Potential Appraisal which will address Calculations, Mechanical Reasoning, General Workplace Knowledge, Language and Vocabulary, Decision Making. This is followed by a review and Daily gratitude.

Day 9

Day nine will link events of the last week to the realities of what a successful job search routine should look like. We will address interviewing skills, telephone techniques, asking and responding to questions, dress code, grooming, hygiene, time management, seeking feedback, writing letters of application, working on resumes, identifying suitable jobs, seeking help, using referees, etc. We will review the past week and reaffirm how each activity can be used to their advantage.

Day 10

Day ten morning session will see participants identify jobs they are suited for and complete letters to employers which will be posted to employers or electronically sent as required by job advertisements. We will seek feedback from participants for our quality assurance process. The afternoon session will see graduation lunch where representatives of the group will present a presentation on their thoughts and values regarding the “Reset Your Personal Compass” Program.

Day 11

Day eleven is an industry focussed day when all participants apply for jobs online or by completing written applications and sending out hard copy applications to employers.

Day 12

Day twelve is a debate and participation in a process called “Order in the Court” which ties the program together and leaves participants in no doubt where the responsibilities remain for their future.